Top 50 Junior Tour

Top 50 Scholarship Redemption

Scholarship Redemption

To be eligible for an NGSA Scholarship Award a student must have been a member of the Top50jrTour, however students are not required to play in any golf events. Students may earn scholarship points by participating in rules of golf exams, community service, and other NGSA sponsored activities. Scholarships are evaluated and awarded based upon a student's graduating GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores, community service or participation in other Top50jrTour activities.

Each student’s scholarship award is secured by the National Golf Scholarship Association (NGSA) for the sole purpose of higher education. Students may claim scholarship awards after graduating high school and upon enrolling in a college, university, or other accredited vocational institution. (To redeem your scholarship award the following redemption process is required to maintain amateur status and meet the eligibility requirements of the USGA, NCAA, and MHSAA.)

Click Here to For the Scholarship redemption form.