Top 50 Junior Tour

Founded in 2003, Coach Danny Thomas created the Top 50 Junior Tour to offer students age 8-18 competitive tournaments hosted by some of the finest country clubs and resorts in Michigan, Florida and lately in South Carolina. Top 50 events are nationally ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) and GJGR, some events offer AJGA performance stars.
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Upcoming Events
Eagle Dunes Spring Championship
April 24-25
Florida Region
Eagle Dunes Golf Club
Sorrento, FL
Come join us at this truly unique venue! Ranked by JGS and GJGR.
Miles of Golf Open at Washtenaw G.C.
May 8
Michigan Region
Washtenaw Golf Club
Ypsilanti, MI
A traditional style, classic design with narrow tree lined fairways and quick ondulating greens. Ranked by GJGR.
Optimist local qualifier at Pontiac Open
May 15
Michigan Region
Pontiac Country Club
Waterford, MI
Exceptional course. this event will also be a local qualifier for the Optimist District Championship. Coed need to play up if they want to qualify for District. FYI: the Michigan State Junior Qualifier was at Pontiac on July 16th, 2020.Ranked by GJGR.
Eagle Creek Junior Open
May 22-23
Florida Region
Eagle Creek Golf Club
Orlando, FL
Overall, the true Scottish-style experience of Eagle Creek Golf Club stands out from other Orlando championship golf courses as a true golfing masterpiece! Ranked by JGS and GJGR.
The TOP50JRTOUR 2020 National Championship was a big success with more than 100 golfers!
4 mos ago
The TOP50JRTOUR 2020 National Championship was a big success with more than 100 golfers from 7 different states participating. The weather was very nice both days. Huge congratulations to the National...
First Top 50 Collegiate event in Tennessee at Greystone golf club. We will play again in April 2021.
5 mos ago
Our first Top 50 Collegiate event in Tennessee at Greystone golf club had 25 golfers and many great players from different colleges and high schools. The course was in beautiful conditions and very hilly....
2020 Tour Championship at Indianwood Country Club
9 mos ago
The 90 competitors played the pristine Old Course at Indianwood in Lake Orion on Tuesday, August 4th.The event was shortened to 18 holes due to weather cancellation. Influenced by the unfavorable weather...
Threetops Par 3 Parent-Golfer Challenge Winners!
10 mos ago
Congratulations to the winners of the Threetops Par 3 Parent-Golfer Challenge on Friday at the Midwest Junior Championship at Treetops Resort! Threetops is the number 1 ranked best par three course in the...
Latest Results
Spring Elite at Barefoot resort in Myrtle Beach presented by College Golf Drive
April 3-4
Boys 15-18
Shore. L (+31)
Tokarz. N (+33)
Herbig. T (+38)
Girls 15-18
Stalvey. E (+12)
Sansom. S (+23)
Tokarz. K (+24)
Girls 11-14
Grimm. R (+11)
Coed 8-10
Dieffenbach. H (+10)
Wyatt. P (+16)
Spring Open at Wekiva Golf Club
March 27-28
Boys 15-18
Michaels. N (+8)
Veneziano. A (+10)
Brown. C (+11)
Boys 11-14
Wei. J (+9)
Sahajpal. X (+12)
Hull. G (+13)
Girls 15-18
Beaulieu. M (+8)
McConnell. C (+9)
Wang. M (+9)
Girls 11-14
Khokhar. M (+29)
Adams. K (+31)
Wei. W (+33)
Coed 8-10
Velazquez. D (+12)
Ruble. D (+53)
RedTail Junior Open
February 27-28
Boys 15-18
Miller. N (+1)
Hall. A (+5)
Veneziano. A (+7)
Boys 11-14
Watson. M (+8)
Breth. E (+10)
Wei. J (+13)
Girls 15-18
Beaulieu. M (E)
Wang. M (+3)
Barnett. J (+20)
Girls 11-14
Yang. K (+7)
Wei. W (+16)
Nichols. K (+23)
Coed 8-10
Velazquez. D (+9)
Buakhum. R (+13)
Buakhum. R (+16)